Individual Spike Trainer

The AcuSpike individual product line is perfect for all levels and ages. We had the player in mind when creating our Individual Spike Trainer, and it shows. Get practice on your schedule with its easy portability, plus get the perfect set every time while working on your attack approach.

Key features include:

– Easy to adjust height
– Holds 5 volleyballs
– Stabilized by weighted buckets

IF YOU’RE A COACH OF A TEAM: Our AcuSpike Team System is better suited for your team!
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Take Training to the Next Level

Automatic Reloading | Height Adjustable | Easy to Put Away | Easy to Travel

The AcuSpike Individual Trainer is a new multi-ball, self-reloading volleyball spike and vertical jump training machine designed for individual use. The Individual Trainer is designed to improve all aspects of your volleyball attack, from footwork to arm swing and attack height. By providing a repeatable and adjustable target, we’ve taken the guesswork out of spike training so you can develop and reach your full potential.

Automatic Reloading

AcuSpike’s innovative ball reloading system and reload hopper automatically loads the next ball, with no human intervention required.

Height Adjustable

A telescoping extension easily lets you set your training height between 3 feet and 10.5 feet.

Easy to Put Away

Our Individual Spike Trainer is easily assembled or disassembled in minutes.

Easy to Travel

The Individual Spike Trainer disassembles into a compact size for convenient storage or transport.



AcuSpike Individual Trainer Assembly

AcuSpike Individual Trainer Adjustment How-To


Shipping Dimensions 50 x 14 x 19 inches (Box 1)
45 x 16 x 6 (Box 2)
Shipping Weight 84 lbs (Box 1)
56 lbs (Box 2)
Required Ballast Weight 100 lbs
Volleyball Capacity ​5 volleyballs
Adjustment Type ​Telescoping with lockpin
Adjustment Range ​3 ft to 10.5 ft
In Use Footprint (assembled) ​44 x 80 inches
Stored Footprint ​12 x 54 inches