AcuSpike Team Trainer – Space Saver

The Acuspike multi-ball self-reloading volleyball spike training machine. Comes pre-assembled, some assembly required. Volleyballs not included. Shipping rates vary by State and are shipped via FedEx Freight. Please contact us for International shipping rates.

Curious about the difference between our Team AcuSpike and Individual AcuSpike? Our FAQs list some differences HERE!


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A Valuable Training Tool

Results Oriented | Monitor Progress

Volleyball coaches know hitting skills are not developed overnight, taking years of playing experience for a player to master the correct footwork, approach, and arm swing to maximize their hitting potential. AcuSpike accelerates this process, providing the hitter with a predictable and easily adjustable target.

Whether an athlete trains with weights, a stop watch, or a baseball pitching machine, the key to perfecting and improving any skill is repeatable and measurable increases. AcuSpike makes it easy to track individual progress over time, including maximum vertical jump while maintaining a downward ball trajectory.

Results Oriented

Most coaches agree that among the hardest skills to teach in volleyball are proper approach, jump, and arm swing; and then getting a player to do them all at the same time becomes a whole new challenge.
​AcuSpike makes the job easier by providing a consistent target; it will give you the freedom to really focus on other fundamentals of the volleyball attack.

Monitor Progress

A hand crank quickly adjusts from 6 ft to 11ft (ground to top of the ball).

Beginners can focus on technique without a high vertical leap, while experienced volleyball players can fine tune their vertical jump or hitting force.




Team Trainer Space Saver
Adjustment Method
Bi-Directional Crank
Time to Adust 3 in. (approx)
5 seconds
Adjustment Increments
Under 0.1 inch
Ruled Height Indicators
Yes (3)
Court Positioning Method
Locking Casters
Footprint for Storage
Smaller (5.2 sq ft)
Ball Capacity
Adjustment Range
6 to 11 ft


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