Individual Volleyball Catcher

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Individual Volleyball Catcher

The Individual Ball Catcher is a standalone machine designed to catch spiked volleyballs and used in combination with the Individual Spike Trainer. Use the ball catcher to automatically shag balls when practicing alone. The Individual Edition Ball Catcher can be easily disassembled into a compact, lightweight size for easy storage and transport.


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Get More Repetitions

Practice Hitting Alone | Automatically Shags Balls

We have been talking with coaches at every level from all over the world and one thing we keep hearing is “How do I get the most benefit out of a limited amount of practice time?” The AcuSpike Team is continually creating new and innovative ways to make training your training more efficient.

Practice Hitting Alone

Repetition is key to reinforcing any new skill, and the ball catcher allows players to get the most number of repetitions in a fixed amount of time. In combination with the AcuSpike spike trainer, the most ambitious players can even practice alone!

Automatically Shags Balls

Shagging balls can consume as much as 80% of the time during high repetition hitting drills. This tool eliminates the time consuming task of shagging balls, clearing the floor of stray rolling volleyballs in the process.




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